An Australian Leader in
Stonemasonry and
Heritage Restoration

As leaders in Stonemasonry and Heritage Restoration in Sydney, RJC Group provide the likes of Tier 1 Builders, Heritage Consultants and Government Projects with the expertise and experience that is required on sensitive and significant projects across the country.

RJC Group offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise across all areas of classical architecture, combining comprehensive stonemasonry services to successfully restore heritage buildings, including complete sandstone façade restoration, sandstone cladding and carving, stone fixing and pointing as well as importantly, the general restoration of heritage buildings across Sydney.

With our advanced heritage building methodology, we are proud to constantly deliver outstanding results and workmanship for all of our clients on all projects, from heritage building restoration services to our expert Stonemasons in Sydney.

As Stonemasonry Contractors in Sydney, and on the back of our experienced team across heritage building restoration in Sydney, our remedial works also come hand in hand on a vast number of projects.

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