21 December 2020

'Building Maintenance Should Not Be Neglected' Says The Leading Sydney Stonemasons

Stonemasonry is a delicate art that may seem as though it belongs more in the age of castles and fortresses than it does in the era of modern skyscrapers and glass towers, but in a city with as such a rich history as Sydney, that couldn't be further from the truth. There is still a multitude of buildings across the city that require the appropriate maintenance to ensure they don't become decrepit. Fortunately, when you're looking for a team of Sydney stonemasons to perform that maintenance work, you won't need to look further than the RJC Group.

As the best stonemasons in Sydney, the RJC Group is more than capable of maintaining any building in the city. We've worked on more than 130 buildings over the past 15 years, and in that time, we've ensured that our craft is perfect. Our stonemasonry contractors in Sydney offer a broad range of services, including façade cleaning, banker carving, and carpentry work. We're also qualified to remove any asbestos or lead-based paints from your building, ensuring it remains compliant with modern health codes. If your building requires maintenance work, then the RJC Group and our stonemasons in Sydney should be your first choice. For all stonemasonry in Sydney, contact the RJC Group on (02) 8322 1832.

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